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Berlin, Germany

Presence, Perceptions and Purpose: A Journey from the Historical Past to the Present

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, one of the most unique cities in Europe and the location for our first international retreat.

A city that was 70% destroyed after World War 2, Berlin was rebuilt but then had to endure years of being divided. We will investigate that period as we tour the Checkpoint Charlie museum. We will also revisit Germany's dark history by visiting a Nazi concentration camp. All these experiences will bring our focus to themes of how persistence and resistance play key parts in our journey in life.

We will also embrace the present with a trip to the beautiful German countryside and see how the Europeans eat healthy, farm to tables meals regularly.

It is absolutely going to be a thought provoking and maybe even life changing trip - join us!

Registration Information

Before registering this retreat, please check our ability range chart, to best determine if you will be able to complete any physical challenges.

Physical Ability Level: 1-2

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