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Dr. Carlos A. Rivas

Dr. Carlos A. Rivas is an integrative functional medicine physician and board certified in Internal Medicine. He received his M.D. with honors from Georgetown University and trained in internal medicine at Highland Hospital, the county hospital Oakland, California, infamous for the poverty and severity of the ill that seek care there. He was born and raised in San Francisco in a Catholic immigrant family from El Salvador and is bilingual.

His mission is to bring souls to Christ through service. He provides his clients with precisely quantified bioharmonious health consultations. By assisting them in maximizing their health and resolving health conditions, his clients are free to pursue their own missions in life, to build His Kingdom one life and one family at a time.

Dr. Rivas provides pro bono health consultations to traditional Catholic families with financial difficulty who are fighting the good fight at home and in the public square against evil, in particular, against abortion. Dr. Rivas is staunchly prolife and brings prolife ethics and values into his practice. He believes that the physician's first duty is to protect all human life with honor and dignity, from the first moment of conception to the last twinkle of natural death.

When he is not taking care of patients and clients, Dr. Rivas spends time with his family. With them, he loves to take nature walks, play, play, play, dance, ride bikes, go swimming, play swords, read books, tell stories, reminisce, give off the cuff rants and lectures, and share love in all the ways.

Once contact has been made, Dr. Rivas will share with you his personal email and phone number so that you can discuss your questions. He is available 24/7/365 for clients anywhere in the world.

Dr. Rivas cannot promise miraculous cures. Only Jesus can do that. But he can promise one thing: that if you become his client, he will commit to your care incessantly until your health improvement is achieved. To victory or death, for Jesus's glory.

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