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How it all began and why?
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In April 2017, I created a healthy living project that began with simply my hope to learn and grow into a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. Utilizing the social media platform, Facebook, my ‘Blue’ page was born. The intention was to reach out to my network of social media connections, and exchange information that could aid in my journey to wellness. Meet more people! Share what was working for me. Learn what was working for them. It was a positive step in the right direction, and I began implementing the newly-learned knowledge into everyday life.

I learned what it meant to “eat clean”. I learned about the many different chemicals that we live with every day, without truly understanding the effects to our health. I learned about the dangers/risks that some vaccines can cause. I learned about how much richer life can be by sharing it with others who are like-minded. What a success!

I wanted to expand on this success somehow. It felt like I had a good thing going, and wanted others to benefit from what I was learning. I began looking more closely at the different areas of wellness, and identified (8) areas that need our energy investment, and an equal amount of nurturing in order to evolve into maturity – physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, financial and environmental.

Fully understanding that in no way was I an expert in these different areas, the idea to collaborate with others emerged – I needed to reach out and connect with experts and advocates who have this knowledge, and a passion to share what they know with others.

Conversations began. Ones with those within my immediate network, and then those outside of that network. I began direct messaging complete strangers!! Although, I had done some investigative work on them beforehand. (Semi) stalking them on social media to learn more about them. You can learn so much about people from what they share on their social media accounts!! It ended up becoming a fairly full-proof strategy. I was well received by most everyone I reached out to.

This evolution sparked the “Blue Community” of collaborators – experts and advocates who’s life purpose includes helping others find their journey to wellness. The exciting part about this community is that it is comprised of a diverse group of people, all with an array of talent, knowledge and passion to contribute! The community is mostly made of members within the US and Canada, but we do have members on a global scale as well.

Functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, holistic nutritionists, fitness experts, spiritual leaders, financial advisors, cancer survivors, everyday moms (like me) and many more amazing individuals.

The Blue Community continues to grow every day. New members join with the same hope of networking and building new, healthy relationships. We use a private social media page as a tool to communicate. To share ideas for growth, learn from one another and stay connected as human-beings who benefit from healthy relationships.

The final piece to the puzzle, which brings us to present day, was the proposed thought to utilize this valuable community by hosting “Balanced Wellness Retreats”. How fulfilling would it be to come full-circle, and give back to others in such a profound way?? Incredibly fulfilling and directly tied into our life’s purpose! To serve others with a loving heart, supporting them along the path of their own journey to wellness.

In December of 2018, I partnered with Van Aldridge, a member of the Blue Community, to form Blue, LLC. Van shares the same passion to host wellness retreats, and as a successful life-coach and fitness trainer, he has inspired many people to pursue a healthier way of life.

As new relationships continue to be a part of the community’s growth, Blue connected with an outdoor expedition group, and has now developed an affiliate relationship with them. There are future plans to partner with this group for the more advanced-level Blue Retreats.

My personal journey has led me to a place where I continue to learn and grow, surrounded by incredible people. Blue Retreats are at the heart of this very same idea for you.

Our hope is that the experience you have with us at one of our retreats will inspire you to embrace your wellness journey with renewed hope, a fresh perspective and a new-found sense of empowerment.

Be well, and I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Blue Retreat!

~ Holly A. Mathis, Founder of Blue

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