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The Wanderlust Affairs
Team Building Edition

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Your company/team has talented employees/players but how do you form them into a winning team?


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way”

— Marcus Aurelius

Our Team

More About the Team


Justin Mathis – Team Building Activity Lead

Founder and Executive Director of Rebel Kids Fitness


Youth Fitness Instructor for 3 years


Associate/Youth Ministry Pastor for 10 years


Community Outreach Director for 10 years


I love working with kids and people! I feel it is my calling and purpose to help everyone I know and work with become strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. I feel that my experience with kids and families along with my encouraging spirit, I will help people through Blue see that life is fun and a grand adventure. My life motto is “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf!”


Holly A. Mathis – Team Building Activity Co-Lead

Founder, Blue

I have always believed that life is a journey and that we need strong relationships to support us along the way. I founded Blue with the hope of bringing this belief to life through meaningful experiences. Our team is here to help your team learn how to strengthen these important connections, and have amazing fun at the same time!


Simon Brazier – Team Building Activity Consultant

Functional Holistic Nutritionist & Habitual Transformation Coach

I was born in the U.K., and lived most of my life in England, then moved to Stockholm in 2008. This is where I found my love for food and people's relationship towards it. I studied for 1 year as a holistic health coach from the institute of integrative nutrition, but I found my hunger for knowledge needed more before I was ready to help others help themselves towards change. I moved to Victoria, BC in Canada to study holistic nutrition for 3 years at Pacific Rim College. It is there that I found my personal calling within the wonderful world of psychology, ecology and nutrition.

I specialize in weight loss, digestive disorders, stress reduction, detox and energy abundance; but I have had the pleasure of working with many people who have asked me to support them with anything from migraines to mental health disorders.


Khaled Hamlaoui – Team Building Activity Consultant

University Professor and Researcher, Bodybuilding Expert, Coach of Pro-Athletes

Studied radiology, training/nutrition biochemistry and published many articles related to nutrition, supplements, and training methods. Involved in studies on supplements and their effects on the human body: Bodybuilding Contest Preparation & Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. My goal is to assist and support the Blue Team with providing the absolute best scientific research for clients.

Our Hosting Locations

  • Yuma, AZ.

  • Indianapolis, IN.

  • Local to our client – we can research the logistics in advance, and then host the experience in your area

Our Client Demographics

  • Corporate America

  • Athletic Groups

  • Teams

Our Principles of Team-Building

The Goal and The Plan 

To reach a goal, you need a plan in place to get there.  Whether it is winning a big game or winning a new account, a detailed plan to achieve that goal is imperative.  Anything else is just “guessing.”  The entire team must be focused on the goal and be "on board" with the plan, it must resonate with everyone.


Once you have your plan set, one of the main tools necessary to execute it is communication.  Coaches to players, supervisor to managers to staff; consistent interaction, clear direction, willingness to listen (shows respect) and offering encouragement creates a positive team environment.    

Measurable Progress

Measuring progress towards the set goal/s is essential. The roadmap laid out for the team should include short term targets, that are measurable and achievable - both for the team and individuals. 


One of the best things you can do for members of your team, is simply care about them.  This has not been stressed enough in the business world and often in sports. Be “there” for teammates, employees, supervisors, everyone involved in the endeavor.  Show them you are on their side and in this together.  People always do better on a journey when they know they are not alone.

Individual Accountability

The goal of the team can only be obtained when each individual does their part. Therefore it is essential that every team member take responsibility for their preparation, commitment, and full participation as a key part of the team.

Recognize Individuality  

Everyone is different. What works for one individual does not necessarily work for another. Recognizing and respecting this aspect of human nature will help pull every individual's strengths together for the betterment of the team. Coach Phil Jackson was a master of this and why he became one of the most successful coaches of all time.

Mind the Details

To have success in any arena, you must do the “little things.”  Seeing the "big picture", one maybe forgets all the single brush stokes that created it.  Or think of it like this - the smallest pebble in a runner's shoe can disrupt their whole race. The details are paramount for a successful outcome.

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