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Van Aldridge

Van is a Coach/Trainer, Writer, Speaker, a Nomad and Storyteller whose inspiring words reach tens of thousands of people every month. Van got his first gym membership a month short of his 12th birthday and since that time, his dedication to health and fitness has never wavered. With a lifetime of training experience, a degree in English and a passion for people; Van has unintentionally become a voice of hope & positivity in this often troubled world.

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Van L. Aldridge – Team Building Activity Lead

Coach, Speaker, Writer, Adventurer/Nomad

The great Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote,  "As long as you live, keep learning how to live."

That quote perfectly describes the theme of my life. I have succeeded in many endeavors yet I have also failed spectacularly. At times I could not believe my good fortune yet so many times luck has completely forsaken me, but through both the good times and the bad … I have learned invaluable lessons.


Whether immersed in history and literature lectures at Oxford or training government contractors and British military personnel in Afghanistan; each experience has enriched and expanded my own knowledge & understanding of the world.

From decades of pushing my limits physically and challenging the status quo of “social conformity”, I humbly offer to all of our clients my personal insight and the blended philosophy I have acquired.

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