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owner of vp touristic. a self-made businesswoman.

Victoria Pojawa

Victoria Pojawa studied at University of Warsaw and earned a Master's degree in Criminal Law. Through tedious hours of practice and with many of England’s most respected lordships and judges, earned an understanding of International Criminal Law comparable to the elite of the court system. A few years later, she decided to finish this ongoing chapter of her life, as this made her feel having an emptiness inside and she became fearful what life might bring about.

She started working as a director and co-owner of a construction company namely PP Trade Ltd. and while working, she too began building a tourism company, VP Touristic, with her ex-husband as an escape from the tedious and stressful life the construction business brought about. With such challenges and changes in her private life, she discovered her true calling and the passion for supporting others, creating something greater than herself as a passion project of her own. She started working as a family with her team and with their support, rebuilt a touristic business for something unique and different, discovering the beauty and opportunities here within the place, as a great destination for adventure, meditation and rest without noise and/or stress. A work well done!

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