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El Salvador Tour

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Join us to immerse yourself in the rich history, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality of this captivating Central American gem.
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Dr Jared Young

Health Expert & Wellness Promoter

Meet Your Tour Guide

Dr. Jared Young, D.C. graduated From The University of Texas, with a Bachelors in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Fitness. He later graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

While studying movement of the human body at UT, he recognized the importance and value of maintaining spinal integrity in all phases of life. During chiropractic college at Cleveland in Los Angeles the clear focus was optimal spinal function. He further cultivated his understanding of the importance of maintaining optimal function of all of the systems of the body in order to allow the body’s natural adaptive and reparative functions to operate. The result is a clinical philosophy founded in the principal that all disease is caused by either physical, emotional, or chemical stress. When the body is subjected to excessive stress simultaneously and is unable to adapt appropriately, the result is pain and disease.

His approach to healthcare is to reduce and, where possible, eliminate as many stressors as possible while at the same time restore the body’s proper function in order to make it more adaptive to the unavoidable stressors of life. Once achieved, the body is able to self heal and self regulate as it has been designed to do. Dr Young's clinical model uses chiropractic, physiotherapy, neurological stimulation, medical treatments, exercise, and nutritional counseling in order to accomplish this objective.

Jungle Trekking: Coffee, Culture and Wildlife
El Salvador

Join Blue for our unique jungle experience located on the grounds of a historic coffee farm. The farm is in a constant dance with the jungle. There are many parts of the farm that most of the year look like part of the jungle. The patio of the old hacienda house is where coffee has been processed and dried for over 100 years. Standing on the patio with your back to the mountain you look across the country to the Pacific ocean in the distance, but even though it's far away there's nothing to block the wind so you can feel the breeze constantly. You can smell the smells of the jungle and farm mixed together, hear the birds and bugs, the occasional rooster crow. Sometimes you can hear music being played by people in the nearby town or announcements over the public address system of the church. All the sounds of life in harmony. You can feel the energy of the Earth and the sky and the life that happens between them while standing there. It is an energy, a pulse that is often missing in our modern, routine driven life.

We'll hike through the farm to various rock formations - bouldering for all levels of skill from beginner to impossible. This hiking/climbing day has an apex at El Campenario of a 150 ft granite wall, sometimes waterfall, that you can rappel to get some gorgeous views and land in a butterfly garden where there are regularly seen wild electric blue butterflies.

We'll be offering day trips to the beach, volcanic lakes, Mayan ruins, all about 60-90 minutes from the hacienda house.

You don't want to miss this rustic, extraordinary adventure!


Your Experiences Will Include


Savour the breathtaking

landscapes and vibrant culture of El Salvador through immersive trekking adventures.

Embark the unforgettable

adventure in El Salvador's lush jungles, where every step unveils a world teeming with ancient mysteries.


Experience the enchantment

of El Salvador under a blanket of stars during an unforgettable night of camping amidst its natural wonders.


An Immersive Walkthrough


Started in 2020

Scroll Down for FAQ's

  • Why should I go on a "Galt's Walk tour?
    Nowadays, it’s easy to fall prey to the defeatist attitudes many people have about the state of the world. The purpose of Galt’s Walks tours is to educate and inspire through example, so that you can see what’s possible and recreate the experience for yourself and your own community.
  • How long is the tour?
    The tour will be approximately 45-60 minutes long. The exact length will vary depending upon the group’s engagement.
  • What should I wear??
    It is highly recommended in the Summer months to bring some natural sunscreen and a hat. It does get quite hot. As far as footwear goes, closed-toed sneakers or boots would be ideal since there is still ground that is very uneven.
  • Where do I park when I get there?
    Cars are to be parked across the street from the brown tiny homes in between the raised beds.
  • Is there a discount for kids?
    All kids under the age of 12 get their tours for FREE!
  • Can we eat any of the plants on the tour?
  • Do you allow private tours?
    Yes, private tours are $250 currently and, just like the other tours, up to 50 guests may attend each individual tour.
  • Can I get a refund if I can't attend?
    Refunds can be offered to anyone with a good excuse :). If you know you can’t make it out to Galt’s Landing for your tour after buying your tour ticket, we do appreciate you letting us know in advance ASAP so that we can adjust our tours if we need to.
  • How many people are allowed on each tour?
    There can be up to 50 people on each tour. If you have a small group, you and your group may be put with other groups on the same tour.
  • What happens if there's rain?
    If the rain is severe enough to make your tour impossible to take place, you will have the option to reschedule your tour date or refund the amount paid.
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