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Welcome to Blue Barefoot Travel!

Blue's Barefoot Travel service will book your flights, stay accommodations, ground transportation, and excursions, ensuring that nothing is missed and all details are completely covered for your trip. 

We offer full-service advising for both domestic and international travel. Our comprehensive travel advisory services cover both domestic and international journeys, ensuring you have seamless experiences wherever you go.


At Blue, we're firm believers that a vital component of achieving holistic wellness is the exploration of diverse lands, cultures, and the people who inhabit them.


Whether your heart longs for the tranquility of an all-inclusive beach resort or craves the richness of an immersive cultural expedition, Blue Barefoot Travel is here to collaborate with you in crafting a personalized bespoke, unforgettable vacation or holiday.


Take the first step towards your next adventure by completing the form below and sharing the details of your desired experience.

In boundless health and wellness,


Holly A. Mathis, Founder of Blue

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