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Village of Santiago de Chile, El Salvador

Mission: Telemedicine, Distance Learning, Self-Sustainability

Our goal for this small village in El Salvador is for them to reach a fully sustainable environment and ongoing healthy lifestyle through routine wellness screenings via telemedicine, education support utilizing distance learning and a regulation of their food supply by way of an aquaponics farm.




BLUE has a large global network of health and wellness professionals and advocates ready to contribute their time and expertise. The technology infrastructure needs established, including equipment for virtual visits and patient database tracking, internet installation and ongoing monthly service costs.


Distance Learning


To meet the education needs of the children during current world events, they require distance learning and at-home computers. There are approximately 35 families total awaiting support.




An aquaponics farm will be built that will provide both fish and fresh vegetables to the people. In addition, the surplus can be sold to cover the transportation costs of getting the children to school.

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At BLUE, we feel called to the mission field of our world. Our mission projects are at the very heart of how our Creator has asked us to live. Our hope is that by sharing His love through our efforts, it gives us the opportunity to strengthen, empower and inspire others who are taking the journey with us.


In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven

– Matthew 5:16


*For a detailed report of costs associated, please email us requesting the information at

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