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In Japan there is an art form where broken pottery is put back together using lacquer which has been mixed with gold or silver or sometimes even platinum. It is called, "Kintsugi" or "Kintsukuroi". The newly repaired items are always more interesting and beautiful (at least to many observers) than how they were originally. Think about that a moment; the pottery is more unique, more valuable and more appreciated after it has been broken and mended.

It seems impossible to go through life without feeling broken at some point and it happens to most of us more than once. We suffer through heartbreaks and loss, possibly becoming financially broke, broken in spirit or physically because of accidents or disease/illnesses.

Unfortunately many people let the pain, suffering and failures that occur in their lives become a permanent part of their outlooks and attitudes. They never really recover from their brokenness and it continues to negatively effect them - sometimes for the rest of their lives.

I believe we should approach our low points in life as moments where we have the opportunity to build a more solid "personal foundation". Over time we can flip all the hurt, doubt and despair into a resiliency to become wiser and emotionally stronger individuals. We should remember the Kintsugi pottery and think that we too can be better versions of ourselves because of what we have experienced and endured.

We can learn and grow from brokenness or we can become bitter, angry, depressed. I implore you not to surrender to those dark times, don't let them defeat you. Even though they may have been unbelievably painful, you can overcome life's setbacks and disappointments. Focus on the present, remain hopeful towards the future and as for the past, be thankful for the positive memories & lessons learned. Life is brief and so precious. We should embrace every single day and never sacrifice the present or your future because of the past.

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