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Collaborator Community

youthful trekker. professional guide. expedition operator.

Sunil Ranabhat

Namaste (greetings) to everybody from Nepal! -- Sunil

Sunil is a passionate and young youth from Nepal who loves to do adventure in every field. He is a professional trekking guide and an expedition operator from Nepal. He says he is not a perfect human but is learning many things from every day's act and situation from people all around the world. He likes to communicate with people and make new friends and family. He is mostly involved in tourism activities in Nepal but his dream is to give education to the orphan kids. Sticking to his dream, he now runs an orphanage alone without support. This is a challenge to the government as he is doing it all alone adopting 9 kids recently without any parents and/or relatives.

He believes in changing the society module of the conservative and primitive minds. He sees the society, the nation and the world in peace and educated. A man on a mission to transform the conservative mind into modern, educational and civilized one.

Talking to the team, he says he is happy to be a part of BLUE. He has hopes to achieve reaching out to everybody out here (all the members and collaborators) and share more ideas and help. His only motive is to spread happiness and have smiles from everyone. He believes in humanity and wants to get together, united making this world a better place. A world without any discrimination or racism.

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