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Are you living your best life?

If the answer is no, then we can help you make the changes needed for a life transformation. We want to lead you from an average life to one that is an extraordinary life!

Transcending Into Wellness Retreats provide everyday people experiences and knowledge, which can elevate their lives to new levels of fulfillment. Our retreats are based on a foundation of balance with a focus on all aspects of wellness – the mind, body & soul.

The TIW team encompasses an amazing and diverse group of collaborators with years of experience in a wide-ranging field of disciplines: health and fitness; nutrition; yoga; dance; outdoor expeditions; finance; environmental & sociology studies; and more.

Join us on a new path towards wellness, and discover how to transcend from simply living, to one that continuously enriches your journey through life

Upcoming Retreats


Transformational Living: A Wellness Immersion Experience

San Diego, California, USA - June 2019

Our SoCal Retreat will have you on beaches for yoga sunrise sessions and Pacific sunsets. You'll be on trails in the Laguna Mountains and afterwards enjoy a healthy & amazingly unique dinner, all while listening to fitness professionals who routinely work with well known pro-athletes. There will be those experiences and so much more as the "California vibe" helps you refocus on your life's journey.


Outdoor Skills Workshop: Surviving and Finding Yourself in the Sonoran Desert

Yuma, Arizona, USA - October 2019

The Sonoran Desert is the setting for our retreat that teaches you real survival skills, but also dives deeper and helps you reach new levels of enlightenment. We will visit the Imperial Sand Dunes, an abandoned mining town, the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum and a campfire session beside the Colorado River. This experience will engage you, enlighten you and awaken something deep inside you. Join us and let the change in you begin.


Presence, Perceptions and Purpose: A Journey from the Historical Past to the Present

Berlin, Germany - August 2019

The once divided city of Berlin that has been renewed and recreated, mixing the old and modern, and will be the setting for one of our most incredibly rewarding retreats ever. A visit to a concentration camp, the Check Point Charlie Museum and hiking the scenic German countryside. Come and join us for a trip that will have you reconsidering and reassessing your perception of life.


Rejuvenate, Refocus and Restore: An Evolution of Mindfulness

St. Croix, Virgin Islands - February 2020

The pace and lifestyle of the islands will be tapped for our St. Croix retreat. Farm fresh food and meal preparation, tropical jungle hikes and breathtaking, crystal clear water tours all combine for a retreat that refreshes the mind as well as the soul. It is guaranteed to help you find your true self once again.

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